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Trysexuals Podcast Ep 34: How Not to Get Barbie Heads Stuck in Your Butt with Special Guest Dr. Wolverine

This is one of the craziest, wackiest Trysexuals episodes to date! I don’t know about you, but when I heard we were going to have an actual MD on the line, I had some burning questions: how often do people really come into the emergency room with things lost in their butt (Yikes! Always, always use toys with a flared base!) and what are the strangest things you’ve had to actually remove from someone’s anus? Boy, oh boy…I got my questions answered an then some. The stories he had to tell surprised even me. Don’t miss this episode!

Here are a few other highlights from the show:

Frank’s Monster

A new toy has joined my collection! My new Frank’s Monster from Lust Arts is incredibly detailed, and it even glows in the dark! Is it Halloween yet?! I really want to celebrate.

I Dip My Toe into Foot Fetish

I can’t really call myself an official foot fetishist yet. In fact, I had never really given it a second thought before…until I posted a little pic of my shibari handywork, and that photo got a lot of attention. Foot kinksters started coming out of the woodwork on my Curious Cat, asking if I would sell foot pics. I decided to have a little fun with it and make a few more…and the compliments I have been getting literally make me blush:

How can I resist such an adoring audience? So I created an AD Twitter for foot fetish pics (as well as a more intimate view of my kinky adventures) and an Indiebill page where you can buy my foot smut for your very own 😉

Of course, now my curiosity about all things foot fetish-y was piqued, so I started doing a bit of experimenting at home:

One of the sexy and fun surprises that came out of foot fetish exploration has been the fan art of my feet. I even had the opportunity to be a “foot muse” for a professional artist. I wish I could share the full drawing with you, but art is also his day job and he requested to keep them private to preserve his anonymity. Check out how beautiful they look though! This one was on a drawing of a cute little red squirrel:

Penetrable Fans Surprise Me

For years, I avoided penetrables because I don’t have a penis, and I (wrongly) assumed I wouldn’t have a way to play with one. With my first penetrable on its way for a review, however, I knew I would have to start getting more creative. At first, I was thinking mostly about how I could use it on a partner, but all of you have opened my eyes to some new possibilities. I tossed a few penetrable polls out there for all of you to weigh in about, and the results really surprised me. I expected penetrating with a penis to be the most popular use, but the number of you that like to use them in other ways was just inspiring. It definitely gave me some food for thought.

Thanks again for listening in!

Enjoy the podcast, and as always, you are welcome to ask me anything on Curious Cat  <3

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