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The Banana Challenge!

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

So, you’ve decided that you want a fit pelvic floor, huh?  Smart cookie!  The benefits of having fit & flexible pelvic floor muscles are many.  There are sexy reasons to do it: More powerful orgasms.  Squirting. Pompoir.  There are also some fantastic health benefits like maintaining healthy bladder control fewer yeast infections.    

But how in the world do you know whether your pelvic floor is actually fit or not?  Fear not, my friends. There is an easy solution waiting at your local market.  

Drumroll, please!


This little gem was inspired by the book that single-handedly taught me how to squirt, Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot by Deborah Sundahl.  

So here it is.  The legendary BANANA CHALLENGE. Are you ready?  Allrighty then!

Everybody grab your ‘nanners & let’s go!

  • Step 1: Peel a ripe banana. 
  • Step 2: Unless you want a raging yeast infection, for heaven sakes(!!) PUT A CONDOM ON IT!! (See? Your high school sex education class was useful after all!  Who knew?). 
  • Step 3.  Use your super-badass vagina skills to CHOP that sucker!

Well, how did you do?  If you failed to properly decapitate your banana, don’t panic!  Go back & work on your ninja skills a little with my guide, Bootcamp for Vaginas. Then, come back later & give it another try. 

*Keep Calm & Kegel On*



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