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Reivew: Fang the Laughing Dragon by Kudu Voodoo

Who is Kudu Voodoo?

Kudu Voodoo is a great little one-woman indie shop, owned and operated by one of my favorite sculptors in the biz. I love Ashes’ style, and she has come up with some truly creative, out-of-the-box ideas. If you haven’t yet browsed her shop, do yourself a favor and go check out her double-shafted swamp dragon.  Also don’t miss the collection of house colors. I think her Blizzard Rainbow and Midnight Rainbow are two of the prettiest and most unusual rainbow styles I have seen. Other shops have since copied her rainbow coloration styles, but (as far as I’m aware) Ashes did it first (and best).

The Not-So-Official Dildo of the Denver Broncos

The minute I set my eyes on the beautifully-sculpted scales of Fang the Laughing Dragon, I knew I had to have one. The ridges and nubblies are nice and rounded, and yet still full of delicious texture. My particular Fang was a first edition, sculpted by hand and clocking in at a girthy 2.3″.  Ashes has now also released Fang in four new sizes: mini – large.

My Fang is a beautiful marble of bright blue and orange, with orange sparkles throughout. Blue Sunrise is the official name of the coloring, but I’ll tell you a little story about my roommate and this toy that has RUINED me forever. Ruined, I say!

Fang under UV lighting

When my package arrived at the post office, I was so excited that I had to open it up in the parking lot. My sports-loving roommate took one look at it, and his whole face lit up.  He just couldn’t contain himself and he half-shouted, “IT’S A DENVER BRONCOS DILDO!!” I have never been the same since. The name has stuck, and every time I pick up my Laughing Dragon, I laugh a bit myself. Plus, now I have the perfect little friend to keep me occupied all through football season without having to sit through a single minute of the game.

Another really awesome thing about my Fang is that it is highly UV reactive. In fact, it is one of the brightest toys in my entire collection. I’ve moved it out onto a prominent place in my display, and when that baby lights up…it just brings me so much joy. I can’t even tell you.

The Story of Fang

Even more fun, Ashes has written a bit of Kudu lore about Fang himself. I thought it was so neat that I wanted to share it here with you:

Fang The Laughing Dragon ~ Courtesy Kudu Voodoo

A gnarled, clawed hand set his splay of cards down on the old wood in a confident fashion. He was nearly sure of his victory, he had the win wrapped around his pinky finger. The Kudu across from him tilted her crown of spiraling horns, eyes scanning over the worn little cards, scrutinizing each one carefully. Fang’s grin was widening with every passing second. She had finally lost in this little game of theirs. For centuries they had played and for centuries he’d lost. She was old magic and he was old power. They came together every hundred year at this very same table in the Kudu’s secluded lair. This was his century, this was his year, this was his game. Her cloven hooves scattered her hand across the old oak, and the great dragon felt all the breath leave his chest. It seemed the Kudu was victorious once more. Her smile was lazy and teasing. He folded his arms irritably. But fair was fair, for another hundred years he would provide her with plucked scales for her magic potions and stews. A dragon’s scale was priceless in the hands of a voodoo queen. He supposed he would never learn.
Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo


  • Useable length: 5.5″
  • Total length: 7″
  • Head Circumference: 4.5″ (1.43″ dia)
  • Shaft Circumference: 6″ (1.9″ dia)
  • Circumference at the sheath/widest point: 7.5″ (2.39″ dia)
  • Firmness: Medium 0050 (similar to a soft rubber band)
  • Color: Blue Sunrise (UV reactive)
  • Material: Platinum silicone

Know Before You Buy

  • Exquisitely detailed sculpting on the scales; excellent workmanship
  • The colors are bright and truly striking
  • It looks amazing under UV light! It’s one of the brightest toys in my collection
  • Thicc and girthy at a full 2.3″ diameter

Thanks to Kudu Voodoo for sending me Fang the Laughing Dragon in exchange for my honest review.

Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo


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