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Want to send me products to review? Do you want to place ads on my site, republish my work, or interview me?  You’re in the right place.  Please read my policies below.

**A huge thanks to Lilly & Girly Juice for inspiring me with their outstanding policy pages!**

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Sex Toy Reviews

My readers rely on my honesty and integrity.  I cannot guarantee a positive review, but I WILL guarantee an honest review.

I am happy to review products with an affiliate program.  If you do not have an affiliate program, you may pay me to review your product (please email me for rates). Payment does NOT guarantee a positive review, only an honest one.  I also reserve the right to decline to review your product for any reason.

My health & the health of my readers matters to me!  I only review high-quality items made from non-porous, non-toxic, body-safe materials (platinum silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, etc.).

I take my reviews seriously. I test products multiple times, in a variety of ways and under varying conditions.  This takes TIME.  Please allow at least 5 weeks for your product to be thoroughly tested & reviewed.

Products I Do NOT Review

  • Items made from porous or toxic materials
  • Supplements
  • Condoms
  • Lubricants
  • Items containing REAL fur, leather, feathers or animal products/testing

Advertising & Sponsors

I offer paid banners and text links in my sidebar.  Please email me for rates.

  •  I do not guarantee any particular click-through rate
  • Advertising fees must be paid before I put up your ad
  • All payments are final & non-refundable
  • I reserve the right to refuse banners that promote toys made from toxic materials or are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, fat-shaming or otherwise offensive.

Guest Posts & Sponsored Posts

I write all of my own content.  I do not allow guest posts or guest social media content.  I do not publish press releases.

If I like your products, I may consider sponsored posts, however.  Please email me for rates.  I always write my own content & will not post material that is pre-written.  As per Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, all sponsored conent will be marked as such.  Sponsored social media posts will contain the hashtags #Sponsored or #Ad.

All sponsorship payments must be made before I write any content, and are final & non-refundable.

Interviewing Me

I am happy to answer your interview questions by email.  I do not do phone interviews or Skype.  I value my anonymity, and I will not give you my legal name and/or photo.


My anonymity is of great importance to me, and I take it seriously.  If I must provide you  my legal name & mailing address, you are agreeing to keep this information confidential.  Please do NOT ship packages addressed to my pseudonym or blog name.

Republishing My Work

You may not republish my blog posts in whole or in part without my express permission.  If you would like to republish my work, please contact me to discuss rates.  My republished work must be credited with my name & URL.

If you would like to quote me, you may do so, but please limit quotes to 3 sentences.

You are always welcome to link to anything in my site.  If you write a post inspired by mine, please credit me & include a link back to my site.  I would love it if you would let me know!

Emails from Readers

When you email me, you are automatically giving me permission to anonymously publish quotes and excerpts from your emails.  I will protect your anonymity just as fiercely as I do my own, and I will NEVER(!) use personally identifying details like your name or location.  If for any reason you don’t want me to quote your emails, I am more than happy to honor your request, but your email must clearly and specifically state that you do NOT want your email to be quoted.

Trolls and bullies can always expect to be blocked and/or deleted without reply.