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Review: Labiova Majora, Xenova & Squishes by Xenova Synthesis

Who is Xenova Synthesis?

Xenova Synthesis, formerly known as Slick’s Dicks, is an Australian indie maker with an incredible flair for the exotic and unusual. In addition to penetrable eggs (more on this in a bit!) they have the most interestingly shaped grabby tentacle I have ever seen. Because they are a one-person operation, their stock tends to come and go sporadically. If you are wise, you will snap up good stuff when you see it, before it’s gone. I was lucky enough to get a penetrable egg, a glow-in-the-dark egg, and a bunch of lovely squishies, all of which I found some incredibly fun and out-of-the box uses for. Read on sexplorers! You’re in for an adventure.

Egg, Penetrable, or the Perfect Foot Worship Device?

Maybe you like eggs. Maybe you like penetrables. But have you ever tried a penetrable egg?! Since this is the only one out there that I know of, I’m guessing not! I will admit, at first I was a bit stumped. Eggs, I knew what to do with. But what do you do with a miniature penetrable? For a long while, the Labiova became my favorite little stress ball that I kept on my desk. It felt delicious when I squeezed it, and I just couldn’t keep my fingers out of it. I noticed right away that the suction inside was incredible, even without lube. I didn’t know it at the time, but that suction was going to make me VERY happy when I figured out how to really take advantage of it.

The Labiova is about 1.25″ deep

The coloring on the Labiova is amazingly detailed and expertly done. The little golden clit stands out in perfect contrast to those juicy pink lips, and the rest of the marbled penetrable is reminiscent of plant life. The sculptured detail on the lips of the Labiova is equally amazing (most especially that tiny, detailed clit!). I discovered that the feeling of the ridges was pleasant when you use it along the vulva, and the egg is even more pleasant inside. Plus, it’s incredibly cool to see that tiny vulva peeking out of your own vulva. If you have a micro/macro fetish or have ever fantasized about tiny playmates, you might want to give the Labiova serious consideration for that reason alone. My favorite way to play with it though didn’t occur to me until much later. But it’s a doozy!

I can’t really call myself a foot fetishist. I’ve always thought feet were nice; I’ve never minded massaging them, and I LOVE having mine massaged. But I had never really thought to eroticize them before. The great thing about working as a sex blogger is that sooner or later I always end up talking to an interesting person who piques my curiosity and I have to go a bit deeper. One evening, I decided to do something I had never really tried in my solo play before: foot worship. I started with a coconut-oil foot massage, which was great, but then I was a bit stumped. What else was there to do with feet? I tried massaging them with a number of other dildos (which is lovely, by the way, and a topic for another post). Then, a freaking brilliant eureka moment struck, and I had a sudden insight: what if that tiny penetrable, with such amazing suction, were used on my TOES?! I had to try it. The results were…shall we say…truly magnificent. My toes are a perfect fit inside the penetrable, and the suction feels nearly as good as an actual mouth to me. If you like your toes sucked, or are a foot fetishist of any kind, you NEED one of these in your collection. I’m not even kidding, this is a must.

For Egg Lovers? Ovipositively!

The Xenova glows an unusual and mysterious-looking shade of purple-tinged blue

Both the Labiova Majora and the Xenova are delightful eggs and the detailing on the sculpturing is just fantastic. They are both textured on the outside and feel marvelous when inserted.  The Xenova in particular has nubbly, ridgey goodness, and has a rounded tip with alien lips reminiscent of a clamshell. All of those bumps and spiral ridges feel awesome inside. The pink color also has a gorgeous golden metallic sheen that doesn’t photograph worth beans, but is really extraordinary in person. Best of all, the Xenova glows in the dark! It is a particularly uncommon shade of blue and I don’t have any other GITD toy in my collection quite like it. Both the Labiova and the Xenova come with the cutest tiny alien creature ever. In addition to being utterly adorable, it has a little open mouth that is great for nibbling nipples, clits and other small appendages.

Here you can see the clamshell-like lips on the top of the Xenova

Although you can just insert the eggs and enjoy them in the usual way, I have found that both of them fit into my Bed Bug Ovipositor (and this would be true of any of the larger ovipositors as well). Make sure you use plenty of lube! Silicone eggs are a bit harder to move through an ovipositor than slick glass ones, and the texture makes it even more so. It’s a LOT of girth that way! Truthfully, more than I am able to handle…yet. But I am looking forward to the day when I become more of a size queen and can fully insert the ovipositor with the egg inside. Just knowing it is a possibility though, is super exciting for me. Speaking of ovipositors, I found one more creative use for all those adorable squishies.

Squishies Need Love Too!

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I opened my package from Xenova Synthesis and saw all the little squishies inside. I had a whole handful of Little Loaches and even characters from Bob’s Burgers. Squishies are adorable little friends and just neat to have around. They make great little desk pals or tub buddies. But the unusual eggs had my creative juices flowing (literally!) and inspiration struck me once again. If the eggs fit easily through the ovipositor, that meant the squishies would too! It’s a unique sensation to have such unusually-shaped toys filling you, and that’s great fun. It adds a whole new dimension both physically and psychologically when your “eggs” are friendly little squishy creatures, and I’m sure those of you with infestation fetishes might find ways to really have a good time with this as well. You don’t really have to have an ovipositor to play with your squishies this way, but it’s novel, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

Never use any toys without a flared base inside the anus! All insertion & ovipositation I did with these toys was done vaginally


Labiova Majora

  • Girth: 2″ diameter, 6.5″ circumference
  • Length: 3″
  • Depth: 1.25″
  • Material: Platinum Silicone


  • Girth: 2″ diameter, 6.5″ circumference
  • Length: 3.25″
  • Material: Platinum Silicone

Know Before You Buy

  • The Labiova Majora is a mini egg-sized penetrable. This makes it the perfect size for suctioning toes and fingers. It is a must for foot fetishists.
  • When the Labiova is inside, it is amazing to see a tiny vulva within your vulva. I highly recommend it for those with micro/size fetishes
  • The tiny alien squishy that comes with both the Labiova & Xenova has a tiny open mouth that is good for nibbling nipples, clits, and other small appendages.
  • The coloring on all of the toys is exquisite, and there is incredible attention to detail in both coloration and sculpting. These toys are extremely well made.
  • Both the Labiova and Xenova will fit through larger ovipositors like the Bed Bug.
  • The squishies are adorable, and if you really want to get crazy you can squeeze them all easily through an ovipositor as well.
  • Even though these toys had to ship all the way from Australia to the US, they came reasonably fast.

Thank you to Xenova Synthesis for sending me the Labiova Majora, Xenova & Squishies in exchange for my honest review.


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