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Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo

GIVEAWAY!! Rainbow Blizzard Laughing Dragon by Kudu Voodoo

It’s My 1st Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

Enter to WIN this

Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo

Rainbow Blizzard Laughing Dragon

from Kudu Voodoo

Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo

Get Horny!

I can’t believe an entire year has passed since I started my journey into the crazy world of sex toy reviewing.  From 3ft tongues to egg-ejaculating dildos, it’s been one helluva kinky, sexy, wild ride!

So to celebrate my year of debauchery, what could be better than something bright and beautiful from Kudu Voodoo?

Kudu Voodoo is this fantastic little indie sex toy shop on Etsy.  Ashes’ work is some of the most beautiful detailed sculpturing I’ve seen, and the color combinations she creates just knock my socks right off.  I’m so thrilled to be partnering up with her for this giveaway.  Thanks a million, Ashes!

Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo

The Prize

  • Color: Rainbow Blizzard (UV reactive!)
  • Usable length: 5.5″
  • Total length: 7″
  • Head Circumference: 4.5″ (1.43″ dia)
  • Shaft Circumference: 6″ (1.9″ dia)
  • Circumference at the sheath/widest point: 7.5″ (2.4″ dia)
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Platinum Silicone

**Contest Rules**

  • GIVEAWAY ENDS March 18 2017 at 11:59 Pacific Time
  • Must be 18+ and live in a city/state/country that does not restrict the sale of sex toys
  • Winner will be chosen randomly
  • Winner will be contacted via e-mail and will have 24 hours to respond.  If there is no response within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • Image Courtesy Kudu Voodoo
  • ENTER TO WIN this Rainbow Blizzard Laughing Dragon by Kudu Voodoo

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    • Hysteric Em

      Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous piece! Such an awesome etsy artist.

    • bioastronaut

      Wow, thank you for doing such a fabulous giveaway. This toy is gorgeous and SO detailed! I hadn’t heard of this Etsy shop yet, but I’m very glad to be aware of it now!

    • Kai

      Oh wow, this is lovely! I’ve been wanting this model since I first saw it!

    • Skyler Andrews

      My partner and I are both excited about the possibility to win this!!

    • The Palimpsex

      Holy shit I never knew I needed something so badly in my life. I am living my rainbow fantasy.

    • Thank you for showing me this awesome looking toy and for giving it in this giveaway!

    • Marlie O’Hara

      Oh wow this is a pretty dick!

    • EchoReviews

      Sooooo pretty! **allofthehearteyes**

    • Livvy Libertine

      Holy colors and texture Batman. I need this in my life.

    • That’s an absolutely gorgeous toy.

    • Lauren Luna

      Kudu’s toys are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Angellsview

      I love this raffle! Ashes is my hero lol and awesome reviews here too!

    • FuschiaDragon

      the laughing dragon is legitimately one of the most unique and detailed toys i’ve seen, i’m in love with its design!!

    • Twistedfox

      Omg that toy is gorgeous!

    • Emily Louise

      SUCH a gorgeous toy!!!! I am desperate for one of these!

    • Lennart l

      Looks good af

    • TwilightSparkle

      this looks so amazing

    • Mx Nillin

      Congratulations on your Blogiversary! Love your reviews and social media presence!

    • Cheyenne

      Congrats on the blogiversary! This toy is absolutely beautiful! I love the scales and rainbows together, they looks so nice! I super need this toy XD♥♥

    • LedZep

      It looks amazing and your sculpting talent is incredible. I can’t wait to see more designs.

    • fink

      Rainbow dong <3333

    • Quynnikin

      Congrats on your blogiversary! So excited to have found this blog!

    • LedZep

      You have such amazing sculpting talent. It would be a awesome to win such an amazing piece. Thank you for doing this and may you have all the success in the world.😊

    • Barginhunta

      A great example of Ashes’ work, and a wonderful way to celebrate your blogiversary!

    • Aurora Glory

      This toy looks amazing! I love the design so much! What is platinum Silicone though? Is it different to the Silicone usually used on sex toys?
      Aurora x

      • Great question! “Platinum” refers to the way the silicone was cured, and is the most common body-safe type of silicone you’ll usually see