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Fantasy Toys Under $50

I know what you’re thinking.  Fantasy sex toys for under $50?  Yeahhhh right.

You’re not entirely wrong….good quality fantasy sex toys *can* be pricey.   But there actually are some great deals out there…… if you know where to look!

If you’re trying to build your collection on a budget, I have a few suggestions below that might help you out.

There is a catch though, and it’s this:  SIZE.  If you’re like me and you like smaller toys (in the 5-6 inch range) then this list is going to make your day.  If you like big toys though, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.  If there are any big, body-safe toys out there for under $50, I sure don’t know about them.  Sorry size queens!

Frisky Beast

Image Courtesy Frisky Beast

When it comes to affordable fantasy toys, Frisky Beast is a literal treasure trove.  Most of their toys start at $25-$30 for the smallest size, and that is an incredible price for such pretty, colorful toys.  My Spinosaurus is a real knockout with all those coppery, metallic swirls.

Image Courtesy Frisy\ky Beast

Be sure to check out their whole selection, including cool stuff like the Croxic, Humpbreak, and Gigabeast.

If you’re looking for affordable penetrables, you’ll want to check out the Snowbird and the Input Valve too.


Exotic Erotics

Image Courtesy Exotic Erotics

Exotic Erotics has a great little collection of things under $50, my very favorite being the Subwoofer mini.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such intricate detail on a toy before…all those little circuits just blow me away.  The price? $35.

Image Courtesy Exotic Erotics

I’m a huge fan of their robotics line, which sports gems like the Tr0j@n Hor5e, Andriod, and Cyborg.  But they also have other awesome designs that I love like the Reptilian, Hippocampus, and Orca.




Split Peaches

Image courtesy Split Peaches

Split Peaches is home to some really fun, fantastic toys like the Unicorn Horn, Rivetor ( if you haven’t yet heard me sing praises for this baby, go check out my review), and the Screw You.  Their smaller sizes start at around $40.

Image Courtesy Split Peaches

The Unicorn Horn you see on the left is my custom colored glow-in-the-dark mini, and I am just thrilled with how it turned out.

Also, if you’re interested in smooth, standard toys and plugs that would be great for anal play, they have several under $50, so be sure to go check those out as well.



Twin Tail Creations

Image Courtesy Twin Tail Creations
Image Courtesy Twin Tail Creations

Twin Tail Creations makes a lot of great fantasy toys, but most of them are above our $50 price range for this post.  However, their Mocha the Dragon in mini size starts right at $50 and looks really promising.

Image Courtesy Twin Tail Creations

Although I haven’t reviewed any of their toys personally yet, they have several tasty designs that are at the top of my wishlist.





Etsy Shops

Another great place to look for affordable fantasy toys is Etsy.  Because these toys are handmade, models and prices often shift.  So rather than include a specific list of models, I’m including a general list of shops where I’ve seen some great under $50 items pop up.  Before you shop Etsy though, I’d recommend reading this excellent post by Lunabelle.

Here are a few of my favorite Etsy shops to get you started:

(I keep a full updated list of all the Etsy shops I follow here).

Damn Average

Image Courtesy Damn Average

Damn Average toys are anything but average!  They’re well known for exquisitely complex marbles and swirls.  This yummy Average Alien was only $34 on the Discount Chocolate Day sale.


Other great Etsy shops to check out:

A Krows Nest

Phoenix Flame Forge

Kudu Voodoo

New Folklore Silicone

Lovecrafters  Toys

Monster Maxim

Geeky Sex Toys

Shapely Toys


Did I miss anyone?  If you know of any other great fantasy toys under $50, please let me know!

(Thanks @ALT1398 & Fae for your excellent suggestions!)

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